Everloc are market leaders in suction based bathroom and kitchen accessories, and are now ranged in over 70 countries. Constantly evolving Everloc has recently introduced the new patented Dual Action System suction, which has an internal silicon ring that acts as a secondary seal & fills out any small imperfections in the mounting surface.

All Everloc products require NO tools, NO drilling, and NO screw driving and will leave NO surface damage on any non-porous surface, which is ideal for renters, DIYers and anyone looking to replace an existing fixture.

Everloc boost a variety of products across 4 different ranges: The Premium Xpressions range made from polycarbonate and stainless steel, the Endure range made from rust resistant stainless steel, the Solutions range which offers a fresh contemporary design and the Push n’ Loc range for all your bathroom necessities.