CouchCoaster The ultimate drink holder for your sofa – Mocha Brown

Product Description

CouchCoaster is designed to keep your drink safely next to you-just where you always wanted it! It’s ideal for the whole family and is suitable for mugs, tumblers, bottles and cans.

  • One-size fits all drinks: Suitable for mugs, tumbler, bottles and cans.
  • Hot and cold beverages: Features integrated mug handle slot and adaptor.
  • Flexible silicone body: Wraps over flat, curved wide and narrow arms.
  • Weighted band: Ensures maximum stability on your sofa arm.
  • Range of colors: For the perfect match with your sofa.
  • Family-friendly: Ideal for adults and children (age 3+).
  • BPA free.
  • Works on sofa arms 14cm or wider.

How It Works: CouchCoaster works on different shapes and sizes of sofa arm. Simply place CouchCoaster over your arm, set your drink down and get comfortable! A minimum arm width of just 14cm is required.

Additional Information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 15.3 x 13 x 9.3 cm