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Cabeau Evolution Pillow

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Product Description

  • Compact Travel Bag:-Allows the pillow to compact down to 1/4 its size for quick and convenient packing. It will also strap to your luggage or bag to save valuable space.
  • Memory Foam Core:-Offers long-lasting, comfortable head support. The memory foam can be surface cleaned by hand and is covered with a removable and machine-washable velour cover.
  • Removable/Washable Velour Cover:-Helps to eliminate germs and ensure your pillow is like new every trip.
  • Raised Side Supports:-Provide 360° head and chin support. If your head tends to fall forward, spin the pillow around backwards and you have a comfy chin rest with full frontal and side support.
  • Adjustable Front Sliding Toggles:-Will hold the pillow in place and provide additional head support.
  • Flat Back Cushion:-Conforms to your neck and won’t push your head forward.
  • Media Pouch:-Holds your phone or MP3 player in place while you listen to music hands-free and lap-free.
  • Free Memory Foam Earplugs:-Help block out unwanted ambient noise.

Additional Information

Weight 0.363 kg
Dimensions 9.5 x 10 x 5 cm

Black, Blue, Crimson, Grey, Pink